Binding Off

reanimating the integrated body 

In order to allow the work to keep it’s form without the presence of the needles, it must be bound off. To bind off, one must slip a stitch over the stitch next in line until all of the stitches are secured by each other in a chain that lines the top of the piece.   

a horse held back from running- 
rearing, bucking, and once it is free from ropes and small senseless hands, it has all the choices the wild has to offer and none of the burden, for the animal knows what it needs, and it knows how to get it. The horse knows fear and stores none of it. The horse holds hunger and subsides it. The horse runs, the veins in the neck pumping, flushing. The horse runs, eyes wild, hooves denting this subtle earth, and then the horse sleeps, fully.