Casting On 

the inner voice and search for intergration

To begin each knitted pattern, one must join the yarn to the needles and create a serious of loops in order to create a foundation for the knitting piece to be built upon. This step is imperative as it is the true beginning of the piece. These two materials do not find eachother naturally, they must be introduced to each other with intention. 

Standing on the glassy ledge
she saw the ocean wide
thinking if she found the edge
she’d see the other side.
Knowing things she never knew
she ever ought to know
was what she hoped to find down there
if e’er she ought to go.

They warned her of the creatures deep
some twisted, mean and  fierce,
anything she’d come across
would touch her deepest fears
But to live her life upon the shore
did not move her soul
twas nothing much to stay there for-
the waves held so much more

With one big leap into the blue
she sank just like a stone,
drifting to the ocean floor 
hopeful and alone.
Friend nor foe we do not know
what she happened to find
she’s still down neath’ the watery wreath
and has been for some time.