About the Process

The research for this piece came during a real-time need to knit during the last season of my MFA degree program where I had been stuyding Embodied Dramaturgy in Berlin, Germany. 

At the end of each Arthaus season, it is customary to make a performance piece to share in a festival. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, our season was cut short and the prompt shifted. We were faced with the decision to either document our artstic process or find a different form to hold our theatrical work.

Documenting an artistic process is a new experience and sharing it on a public digital forum is not a container I would have imagined for my work earlier this spring. However, what originally felt like a detour I wasn’t interested in taking has become a work in its own right. Building this universe has been a rich journey- going from theater to the digital realm has shifted my senses in many ways. How does one begin to shape the infinite digital space and with what tools? How does one write about the artistic process- is it fiction or nonfiction? Is the process a product? How do I want the audience to receive the information? Intellectually? In the body? What can I do on the limitless internet??

With this website, I offer a point of departure, the beginning of a journey, for a research that will hopefully last much longer and travel much deeper than I am currently able to translate onto a webpage. I am pleased and enriched to say that now, rather than having the “product” of my research to share with you, I instead have a website made in homage entirely to: The Process of Knitting (and the poetic resonance of the themes found “within.”)

Click here to access the 2020 Arthaus Creative Sharing 

A special thank you to

Madeleine Albert
Sophia Hubman 
Jan Fillies
Jenelle Weidlich 
Thomas Prattki, Arthaus 
Kelley Soul, Arthaus
Arthaus community
Niamh Dowling, Rose Bruford College

for aiding the process and the work along the way.

About the Artist 

Maureen Gleason is an artist based in Berlin. She has trained as an actor at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN and at Shakespeare’s Globe in London, UK. She finished her MFA in embodied dramaturgy with Arthaus Berlin this year and is eager for her next steps into the professional world of theater making. Currently, Maureen is working to integrate the feminine principle and the body through vocal vibration. Maureen’s research themes focus on the transpersonal space, the liminoid space and individuation. She is a gardener, a poet, a mover and a knitter.

contact: maureegleason1@gmail.com