integrating the masculine and feminine princples 

In order to knit, one must insert two needles through loops of yarn in order to form a series of chains to create a piece of fabric.  While the term knitting typically refers to the entire act, it is also the name of the frontward facing stitch. Without the use of needles, the yarn will remain formless. Without yarn, the needles will become useless. 

i knit all day long/ i knit when i sleep /
i knit even without my needle and yarn
as i am a living being and
i, too, use force in flow
and flow in force

i fluctuate between hot and cold / up and down 
i lift a hammer with my right hand
and plant a seed with my left

my body and my soul,
a dichotomy,
a push and a pull 
freedom and form
a fabric in constant motion