integration of the shadow self

A purl stitch is unintentionally created on the reverse side of the fabric every time a knit stitch is formed. One is able to create a purl stitch on the frontward facing side of the fabric by mirroring the motions of the knit stitch. Learning the purl stitch isn’t necessary in order to knit, but it is necessary in order to form more intricate patterns and combinations. 

Cast me in darkness!
Find me the moon!
this shadow cast beside me,
a shapeless ghost who follows me,
who knows me,
who is me-
prideful monster, hateful creature, 
crawl from your cave!

my bones, fatigued,
a humble surrender to thee,
i will learn you, i will be you,
i will shine with a different light,
purl the entire night,-
if only to meet you in the day.