Winding the Yarn 

Releasing the Body

Cut the strings that bind the skein in order to release it into its desired freestanding shape. Find the end of the yarn. Insert two fixed points inbetween the center of the open skein and begin to unravel it while simuteanously forming it into a ball. While there will be no obvious progress to your finished knitted piece by transforming the yarn from a skein to a ball, there will be significantly more mobility and ease in your process if you first release the yarn.

Bound yarn,
tied up in knots by its own flesh,

stiff shoulders, tight belly, jaw like a cage
form unmovable,
expansion unknowable,  

cutting ties

yarn like a lasso… yarn like a spring of water… limp on the table with the unbound
weight of yourself
wind yourself into something new... holdable... knowable… useable...
once bound now breathe
once tied now move

extensive ….. ritual.
where did consciousness come from?
the hands that wind were waiting.